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Image courtesy Gorilla Conservation Coffee
Image courtesy Gorilla Conservation Coffee

About Us

Can we go beyond our current model of fair trade? We think so and we want you to join the cause! 

We are an industry group of food makers that takes a revolutionary approach to business. Instead of buying ingredients from developing countries, we use the FAIRMADE trade model to make finished products at origin, creating much more value in countries that have historically exported raw materials. 

Instead of limiting our impact to farmers, FAIRMADE creates more prosperity by supporting skilled manufacturing jobs. We are out to make FAIRMADE the new fair and we need your support. 
Making chocolate vs exporting cocoa. Graphic courtesy MIA
Making chocolate vs exporting cocoa. Graphic courtesy MIA

What is FAIRMADE? 

FAIRMADE is the creation of value-added finished products instead of the purchase of raw ingredients. The entire process takes place where the primary ingredient is grown so local communities enjoy more benefit.

In the case of chocolate, FAIRMADE is defined by the Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) glossary as a product made from start to finish at the origin of the cocoa with locally sourced ingredients, materials, and labour. This stands in contrast to the typical chocolate bar that has limited impact on cocoa producing countries. The FAIRMADE model is also unique in the world of chocolate where African farmers grow 70% of the world’s cocoa but less than 1% of chocolate bars are made on the continent.

FAIRMADE can be extended to other food products as well, allowing communities in developing countries to go beyond farming to create skilled production jobs that improve livelihoods and reduce poverty.




Belú Cacao

El Salvador


FAIRMADE values and commitments are centred on sustainable and responsible farming and manufacturing in the country of origin.

Decent Income

Producers in the supply chain need to earn a living wages.

Decent Work

Respect for labour rights, prohibition of child and forced labour, and promotion of gender equality.


Share information about product origins, the impact of FAIRMADE, and revenue earned by producer communitieS.

Environmental Responsibility

Minimise the environmental footprint of farming and production.

Local Sourcing

Prioritize the use of locally sourced materials and labour.


Educate consumers and retailers about fair trade issues so they can make informed and ethical purchasing decisions.

Quality and Safety

Adhere to the quality and safety standards of the markets where products are made and sold.


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